what we do

Munro Church Communications specialises in government relations, strategic media advice and communications management.

We know the pulse of Wellington and are able to assist in establishing and maintaining contact with government; providing clients with analysis of political issues relevant to their business and their sector; giving advice on how to progress issues with politicians and departmental officials, and helping clients prepare for engagement with them.

We know who the key political players are and have very good relationships with them and their handlers. Therefore we can make the sometimes distant and arcane nature of capital city life more understandable and useful to our clients, and advise on how decision-making processes might be influenced in their favour.

Munro Church Communications Ltd also has an intimate knowledge of media and communications’ practices. We help clients to develop communications strategies, and to manage them effectively. Our excellent appreciation of the realities and rhythms of the New Zealand media environment enable us to provide astute advice on how to interact with the media especially when responding to crisis situations.