about us

Mike Munro brings to Munro Church Communications Ltd a wealth of experience in journalism and political and corporate communications.

Ten years in the parliamentary press gallery in Wellington, six years as Chief Press Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office under the Rt Hon Helen Clark’s Government, two years as the Treasury’s Director of Communications and four years as head of corporate affairs for Wellington-based Todd Corporation has given him an unrivalled network of contacts in the political and public service establishment, and a solid understanding of how the corporate sector operates.

Half of his 20-year journalism career was spent in the parliamentary press gallery as a political correspondent for the New Zealand Herald and later The Dominion (now The Dominion Post), for which he was political editor from 1992-94.

Mike is an experienced communications planner, media strategist and writer, including speech writing. In June 2015 he published his first book, Road from Rosehall, a work of historical semi-fiction about an ancestor’s emigration journey out of Scotland in the 1850s

Mike Munro and his wife, Heather Church, are the owners and directors of Munro Church Communications Ltd. They live in central Wellington.